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• Our Laminates have a very high wearing surface, making cleaning quick and easy. Use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth with ‘Windolene’ for daily cleaning. 

• Use acetone (nail polish remover) for problem stains. WARNING: do not use any other cleaning agents unless you have made one hundred percent sure that it is suitable for laminate floors. Flooring Boyz can not be held responsible should you use any other products that could damage your floors, and we do not advise you to use any polish on your floors since this will only become sticky and attract more dust and dirt than anything else. 

• No excessive rubbing, polishing or sanding down is necessary and advised, since your floor are already treated with high quality finishes and will thus clean easily. 

• Do not expose your floor to excessive water over extensive periods as this will result in moisture damage to the laminate. Remember your floors are made of High Density Fiber and thus not of any artificial material. It is none other than super wood and wood products of this nature are not prone to water. DO NOT WASH YOUR FLOORS with a mop and bucket of water. Using a Flooring Wiz will do the job. 

• Should a water spill occur, such as a glass of water for example, do not panic since your floors are not that fragile. However excessive water leakage from washing machines, taps or continuous wet mopping of your floors will do damage over a period of time where after your floors will start to show the damage. 

• Should you for any unfortunate reason have water damage on your floor, we advise you to contact your local Flooring Boyz Office immediately and in the mean time do your utmost to dry the floor as good as you can. 

Enjoy your new floors it’s one of the best investments to your property you will ever make!