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Laminate Flooring - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our own extensive experience in supplying and installing laminate flooring, and the tremendous amount of testing that goes into this new revolutionary system, the products Flooring Boyz supply is backed by between 10 – 30 years against wear, stains and fading. These floors can easily withstand just about any of the normal flooring situations experienced in the home. 

How do you identify a quality laminate floor? 

A truly high quality floor will have a minimum of 4 layers. The top layer (1) would consist of a transparent scratch and stain resistant wear layer, having a higher taber (wear resistance) value. Next would be the design layer (2), a melamine resin impregnated paper, having various patterns and designs ranging from wood grains to stone, to many more imaginative and decorative type designs. Then would come the core (3), which would be constructed of a high quality, high density fiberboard, manufactured with a water resistant glue. Then the stabilizing layer or balancing layer (4). This layer is also impregnated with melamine resin and is of a thickness to balance the product, thus eliminating “cupping” and “warping”. 

Why choose FLOORING BOYZ Laminate Flooring? 

Flooring Boyz only supply and install floors with beautiful appearance and exceptional performance characteristics, along with its many practical advantages, make Flooring Boyz Laminate Flooring the perfect choice of flooring. 

Wear resistant – resists all kinds of wear without suffering any effects. 

Impact resistant – resistant to pressure from high heels or falling objects and long term pressure from chairs, cabinets, table legs, furniture feet, etc. 

Scratch resistant – Flooring Boyz products withstands traffic. High heels or office chairs on castors are no problem. 

Spills are no problem – Stains can be removed simply using a clean dry cloth and windowlene works excellent. 

Chemical resistant – Stubborn stains such as indelible markers or lipstick can be easily wiped away with a little acetone. 

Easy to maintain – Just dust and wipe or vacuum. 

Burn resistant – A burning cigarette that falls on the floor for a few seconds will not cause the floor to burn or discolor. 

Hygienic – Flooring Boyz supplies only the best products and our smooth surface’s repels dust. Dust mites and other allergy causing particles cannot survive on the floor. 

Colorfast – Flooring Boyz will only supply and install products which keeps its color for years. It will not fade in sunlight so rearranging furniture in the room is not a problem. 

What about Scratches?

Flooring Boyz products are particularly resistant to impact and scratches. Shoes and heels are not a problem. Scuff marks are easily cleaned using a damp cloth with windowlene or assetone. To keep your laminate floor looking new for years to come, certain precautions should be taken (just the same as you would with any good wood floor). Felt pads should be used under furniture legs and special hard floor castors should be fitted to wheeled chairs. Use a plastic floor mat or other similar protective material on the floor under desk seating areas. 

What is the Flooring Boyz Warranty?

Flooring Boyz offers you the peace of mind with Manufacturer Warranties of between 10 – 50 years against wear, stains and fading. 

What Designs are Offered?

Every effort is made to perfect range and the visual appearance of products supplied by Flooring Boyz. We achieve this by maintaining a excellent relationship with our manufacturers, who go out of their way to supply us with the latest and best quality flooring on the market. Our wood grain patterns reflect a true, beautiful and warm reproduction of actual wood, making it difficult to distinguish the difference. All strips within the plank have visually the same width and consistency from plank to plank. 

What colors are available?

Flooring Boyz can supply you with a wide selection of colors and patterns with matching accessories. Please contact us for samples of our wide selection of products, colours and patterns. 

Is Flooring Boyz laminate floors easy to maintain?

Flooring Boyz supplies only top quality Laminate Flooring, and is very easy to maintain, is resistant to household chemicals, impacts, wear, scratches and cigarette burns. 

Spills such as sauces, jam, drinks and food can be wiped away using a clean dry cloth and normal windowlene. A burning cigarette falling on the floor will not leave a mark. Stubborn stains are easily removed with a little acetone. Everything else – just dust mop or vacuum. Cleaning is that easy! 

For the best cleaning results and the ultimate in protection, long life and appearance of your laminate floor, we recommend a bit of accetone to be used now and again. For more details read our page on maintaining and looking after your floor. 

Does Flooring Boyz Products warp?

Warping or the “banana” effect is a common occurrence with many laminate flooring products available on the market today. Warping prevents the installer from achieving tight joints between panels during installation. the modern Laminate Flooring we supply has eliminated this problem once and for all through its unique conditioning process during manufacturing. 

How is the flooring shipped?

Special packaging ensures that the flooring panels are fully protected during shipping. The floor is part of a total concept, which includes under flooring, matching molding, installation kits, cleaning and maintenance product. In other words – a complete package! The tongue and groove are designed to enable the panels to “click” together seamlessly and effortlessly. The surface edges of the panels have been specially treated to increase the moisture resistance of the floor. 

What tests are the Laminate Flooring subjected to?

Moisture Testing
The Laminate Flooring products are continuously tested. Our manufacturers utilizes the highest quality materials in their manufacturing process. The HDF (high density fiberboard) core material is manufactured with a waterproof glue. This does not make the product water proof but does make it less susceptible to swelling. The testing process involves submersing the flooring in water for a period of time and then measuring the product to insure that swelling is at a minimum. 

Laminate Flooring Joint Pull Test
Connected panels are mechanically pulled at a tension of approximately 450 kg per meter or approximately the pulling tension of six grown men pulling boards apart. Panels are then dismantled to insure that the joint holds but can be taken apart with little or no force. 

Dimensional Stability
Precision measuring equipment is used to constantly check on the dimensions and shape of the tongue and groove so that a perfect, tight and seemingly seamless joint is assured. 

Can you recycle Laminate Flooring?

The panels are entirely recyclable. As in any other conventional laminate flooring, the tongue and groove of our product range are an integral part of the HDF base layer. 

How long before you can walk on the new floor?

Immediately! There is no need to wait for hours while glue dries. You can walk on your floor and put your furniture back in place as soon as your floor is installed. 

Does the manufacturing of Laminate Flooring affect the environment?

In the production of Laminate Flooring, a great deal of attention is paid to the environment. Every component right from the raw materials, via the production process, packaging (100% recyclable), installation and if necessary its destruction, have been carefully studied from this angle. The total product fits in perfectly with the increasing need to look after the environment; and Laminate Flooring is a product for the future. With Laminate Flooring, you will have nature in your home, without destroying the environment.