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It became apparent to us over the years that, all too often, clients are not sufficiently informed as to what to expect from their flooring and how to maintain it. For this reason Flooring Boyz is committed to sharing our advice and trade secrets with you as the customer. 

Now you may be asking why would we do that? Why will a company share it’s trade secrets and advice with the general public, even before the company itself has been chosen to do the work? Well, for us it is quite simple. Flooring Boyz takes pride in our work and we also take pride in our honesty. It is important for us that our customers are well informed and educated in making the right choices for their flooring needs. Making a quick buck has never been important to us, however, credibility and our good name is all we have. Even if you choose not to use Flooring Boyz, that’s a pity but no problem – we still believe that the information we will share with you, will save you time, money and a lot of headaches. 

Flooring Boyz endeavours to raise the level of our customer satisfaction as we consider that this subject is very important. It is important for our potential customers to understand what they are getting from us, or should be getting from there contractor of choice. 


• The necessity of refusing to lay a floor if the moisture levels in the substrate were too high:
This is another very important component of a successful installation. Please ensure that the floor area or substrate the installation will be done on is 100% dry. Any excessive moisture will cause problems with your floor. Perhaps not immediately but it will nevertheless. Always ensure that this checked prior to the installation. Builders are often in a rush to meet deadlines and can take an unnecessary risk in the process. So stay safe and make sure the floor area is dry before any work is done. 

• Refusing to lay the product if there has been insufficient acclimatisation period for the material:
This is something even professional contractors over look. Material such as wooden products (including laminates) need to acclimatize. For example: You may live in a different area (coast, lowveld etc) than the origin of your floors or your contractor. Should the material not come from the exact same area as you live in, and it has not been given the appropriate time acclimatize, things can and will often go wrong. 

• Informing the client about expansion joints around door frames:
Another simple yet important word of advice. Makes sure that your contract knows what this means and how to use expansion joints effectively. If sufficient joints are not provided or installed, your floor will end up giving you problems in the future. 

• Maximum lengths of flooring before expansion joints have to be included:
It should be common sense, yet is still ignored too often. Making sure that extra expansion joints are installed is crucial when doing a large floor area. Wood and laminates alike, breath, expand and contract, according to climatic and heat changes. If insufficient expansion joints are not provided your floor will cause problems for you. 

• The fact that wood and laminate floors do expand and contract and the extreme importance of having a level surface without bumps and undulations on which to lay the floor:
As we just mentioned above, wooden and laminate floors do expand and contract, so it is important that the contractor you choose make sure that they leave sufficient room for this during the installation. Preparing the floor before installation is critical and you need to ensure that the floor is 100% clear of any bumps or undulations, or it will cause you problems. Be especially careful that your contractor knows what they are doing when it comes to old parquet floors and slate floors. 

All of these things are of utmost importance in order to avoid your unhappiness and also should be important from your contractor’s point of view, avoiding any unnecessary expense in trying to make good from the there side later on: 

The subject of underfloor heating also comes under discussion often. A representative of a SAWLFA affiliate member who supplies underfloor heating, explained that potential clients had to be informed that: 

• Heating to wood and laminate flooring could never be as effective as that to carpets or tiles because the sensation when walking on these surfaces were different: 

• A wood or laminate floor should never be laid on an existing underfloor heating installation for carpet or tile as this would damage the floor due to excessive heat: 

• Extreme care has to be taken in laying rugs on top of a heated floor as the heat build-up under the rug would be excessive: 

Incorrect maintenance is also often the cause of failure of the floor to comply with acceptable tolerances. Water has to be avoided at all costs. The best advice is that the cleaning material be purchased from the supplier of the floor. Common household cleaners such as Jik, dish washing liquid, etc. should be discouraged as they will either damage or leave a residue. 

For this reason we always give our customer instructions on how to clean the floor. 

We hope you have found this information helpful and will appreciate your support in choosing Flooring Boyz as service provider of choice.